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Saving Cooper Lake was produced by Marty Korn as part of the EcoAlliances www.ecoalliances.com ecology initiative. Saving Cooper Lake is a purely artistic response to Niagara Bottling Company’s attempt to purchase the waters of Woodstock’s Cooper Lake. Maty is a stone artist in Woodstock and has been developing cost-effective solutions to our current ecological challenges for over 20 years.

This environmental initiative features cost-effective and innovative ways to deal with climate change and other ecological challenges.

Marty’s other initiatives and web sites include:

Marty KornMarty has been involved in media production and technical development for over 20 years. He has a broad range of experience including television series, web media, graphic design, creative writing and much more. He is also a stone artist and has a passion for helping others develop their creative visions.
One of Marty’s most unique current projects is the development of a line of new line of instruments utilizing the resonance of stone along with wood. This is called the Band of Stone (www.bandofstone.com).

Marty also does complete web site development. In addition to Woodstock Dreams the other web sites he has developed include:

Band of Stone
This unique projects is dedicated to developing new musical instruments and sounds using the resonance of stone. The first stone and wood electric guitar has been produced and the development of the next generation of instruments with new patentable technology is now underway.

Why Woodstock?
I devoted this “Resource and Creativity Center” to the creative & spiritual spirit that is the village Woodstock.

Computer Woodstock
My computer servicing, education and web develop business in Woodstock, NY.

Web Woodstock?
My web & graphic design site.

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